Cynthia Benedek

What I do

I clarify your vision and find the best way to bring strategies to life. I use visual storytelling to drive deeper connections and profound change in behavior. I wake up every day, start with a blank canvas and create a whole new world of possibilities each and every day for my clients, my family and myself.

Why I do what I do

I love design. Actually, to be more accurate, it’s part of my DNA. I live it and I breathe it. I see it in every little detail of this beautiful world. I believe design, art and culture are the heart and soul of humanity. It is how I best communicate and how I help others have a voice that can be seen, heard – understood in a visceral way. I have had the great privilege of using my passion and creativity to help people and companies see their true essence and communicate it to the world. It is my purpose and my passion.

My catalyst

I guess its fair to say that I have been a designer and entrepreneur since I was a child. The first business I started, was the creation of a cartoon book where I drew pictures and collaborated with my cousin to colour them in. Even then I was art directing. I have always been driven by creativity and business – by creating something new and impactful. Whether its for the sheer purpose of art or beauty, or to change the way people view the world, its what I love. Growing up with two entrepreneurial parents, a family full of artists and musicians, its in my blood.

The coolest thing I've done

I have been fortunate to have so many cool moments in my life and many moments where I have felt deep gratitude – which in my mind really is the new “cool”. One of my earliest, defining cool moments was at OCAD (Ontario College of Art + Design) – my experience as a student there, opened my mind and unleashed a whole chain of cool moments to follow. I had the courage to start a magazine, travel Europe, move to Miami, start my own design business, create a yoga clothing line, children’s animation, meet and marry my cool husband in a beautiful vineyard, have 2 super cool kids and become a partner in Higher Ground. What more could I ask for?

When I’m not working

Ha, that’s funny… I work a lot. Primarily because I love what I do and its truly not work to me. I am usually working (creating, thinking, generating ideas), or I am with my family (or I am doing both because my husband and kids are super creative and entrepreneurial. My 7 year old daughter has designed her first logo for her baking company (proud Mama moment) and my son is a mini Picasso who sketches and draws everywhere he can. Clearly this household encourages creative thinking and freedom of expression – one of my proudest and defining life moments. I also do a ton of personal, health and business development reading, studying and taking courses. I read a ton and I am often seen doing webinars. I guess when I’m not working I am really soaking up anything new that can enhance my perspective in this world to be my absolute best.