Ken Aber

What I do

Causing WOW!

I bring seemingly unrelated ideas or concepts together to create synergistic, successful propositions for my clients. It’s an equation that both simple and complex: 1 + 1 = 3.

Why I do what I do

There is a magic to every company, charity or individual. I love to help people find that magic, articulate it, and become a bigger version of what they ever thought they could be.

My catalyst

Doing the impossible. Achieving more than what ever could be envisioned, on day one.

The coolest thing I've done

At the end of the day – I make money for my clients, whether that be a company, charity or individuals. I have helped to raise millions of dollars, which has in turn, changed the social fabric of our country. I have helped to create profitable businesses giving people the freedom to pursue anything and everything.

When I’m not working

When I’m not working, I am still working. I love what I do (therefore, it’s not work to me). I have complete passion for creating and exploring new business adventures. I will always take a meeting to explore the next new great idea!

With that said, I love, love, love – to eat good food. Enjoy cooking and entertain and will never say no to a glass of shiraz.