The Gift of Connection

This company came to us as a startup called Digsy that provided a “thank you” gift box service from real estate agents to their clients. After renaming the company and identifying it core purpose, we: created all corporate identity; refined the business model in partnership with the client; created a marketing and communications strategy; designed and built out its online presence, including website and all relevant social media channels; designed all marketing and sales materials; researched, designed and developed the gift box and the entire gift box experience; developed a sponsorship model and sold sponsorships to corporate clients; developed a procurement model for the contents of the gift boxes and sourced suppliers for the contents; developed social change strategy that is integral to the brand identity and built a partnership with Habitat for Humanity Canada. With each gift that is delivered, RedString has committed to raise awareness, funding and volunteerism for the construction of 9 RedString Habitat homes across Canada by the year 2020. With each gift, customers help weave a significant thread into action by bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope. It is how gratitude becomes the gift, creating a beautiful cycle of giving and receiving.

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