Momentum Dental Wellness Collective

HG was tasked to develop a visionary new, customer-centric, high-tech dentistry concept focused on a one-stop shopping patient experience with advanced in-house specialist treatment, extended services, optimum results and a collaborative work environment. HG defined a brand that reflected the company’s objectives. We began by conducting intensive research that revealed the need for greater integration of care to drive better patient outcomes. HG defined the purpose, personality and values of the brand, developed the business model and brand strategy, named the company and created all corporate identity. A multi-year strategic marketing communications plan was developed that included an employee value proposition, stakeholder content strategy, advertising, digital and public relations campaigns with all creative assets and the necessary governance to build and manage the brand moving forward.

Key deliverables

Strategic planning
Business/Marketing plans
Campaign strategy and language
Site Development and execution
Digital and Social Media
All creative assets

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