Bonnie Lester

What I do

Creative problem solving. Out of the box thinking. Seeking out innovative clients who are willing to take on some of the biggest challenges in the world today, and helping them create lasting, meaningful change.

Why I do what I do

I love to cross boundaries and look for relationships between people and things that go unnoticed. It allows me to connect the dots and create new paths. Tapping into my cross-sector communications and marketing experience gives me the opportunity to find the right collaborators for social innovation. It’s like alchemy. When the right elements combine, anything is possible.

My catalyst

I believe that forward thinking businesses, philanthropists, NGO’s and technology wizards can use their vision, creativity and collaboration to solve the world’s greatest challenges.

The coolest thing I've done

Creating a unique interactive music education outreach program that paired legendary jazz musicians, Dr. Barry Harris and Jon Hendricks with young students to expose, teach and inspire a love for music and the art of jazz. Sharing the stage at Roy Thompson Hall and singing with Jon Hendricks and 300 beautiful, young students was nothing short of magical.

When I’m not working

I’m climbing mountains, playing jazz, spending time with my two beautiful daughters and traveling to far off places.