We help build authentic, cause-driven brands grounded in profit, purpose and exponential results. We Question. We challenge. We change. We work with organizations to build brands that solve social issues intrinsic to who they are and why they exist as a business. We help you create profit with social change.

What We Do

Higher Ground is a brand strategy and social change agency. We are passionate about the integrity of the work we do and the impact it has on this world. We have aligned our work with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) created by the United Nations, which focus on 17 key areas that governments, businesses and society at large need to act on to achieve a more sustainable, fair and equal world by 2030.  We believe that sustainable development is THE strategic imperative for all businesses and must be embedded in their purpose, informing strategy, culture, values, brand and stakeholder engagement. We collaborate with businesses to build purpose-driven brands that are disrupters and innovators…brands that turn the challenges of the SDGs into ways to innovate and grow new markets, all for the purpose of profit with social change.

We Question

It all begins with questioning. Deep, often difficult, direct questions. Questions that help us identify your purpose, develop game-changing strategies, and execute innovative ideas with breakthrough results. It’s how we reposition your brand for social good & how we define your brand strategy, communications strategy, distribution strategy & content strategy.

We Collaborate

We live in a connected world & we believe in our hearts that collaboration is not just a business strategy, it is the key to success in a global economy. That’s why we bring our powerful network of people & resources from the private sector & not-for profit together. Its what allows us to identify opportunities & build partnerships for maximum impact, reach & results.

We Create Change

At Higher Ground, we drive change through the power of communications. We create digital, social, traditional and PR. It’s how we change consumer behavior for the better and inspire social good. It’s how we change customers into loyal brand ambassadors.                                                                                                                                                                                          


What happens when creative entrepreneurs collaborate with you to drive sustainable, measurable social change?

Let’s find out

What happens when creative entrepreneurs collaborate with you to drive sustainable, measurable social change?

Let’s find out

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