Performance. Education. Cultivation.

Art of Jazz is a not-for-profit organization built on a mandate to present, promote and perpetuate the art of jazz. Through enriched educational activities and innovative live musical performances, the organization celebrates the rich heritage, art of improvisation, talent and discipline that are the heart and soul of jazz. We worked with the organization from its inception to develop its business model and brand strategy. We: created all corporate identity; built and refined its marketing and communications strategy over the last 10 years; designed and built out its online presence, including website and all relevant social media channels; designed all marketing and sales materials; managed annual advertising and public relations campaigns, government relations and grant development; developed and managed the sponsorship model and sold sponsorships to corporate clients; developed an music education program delivered to the Toronto school board with a focus on underserviced communities where music was not available; and programmed and executed annual 5 day festivals, featuring artists from around the globe.

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